• The Douay West Zone is now combined with two other zones, the Adam Porphyry and Northwest zones, centered on the Douay Porphyry with a strike length of 1.5 km
  • The combined zone, now termed the Douay West Gold Project contains a total higher grade NI 43-101 Mineral Resources (at a cut-off grade of 3 g/t gold) of:
    • 1,683,000 tonnes @ 5.80 g/t gold for 314,050 ounces in the Indicated category
    • 1,694,000 tonnes @ 9.73 g/t gold for 529,850 ounces in the Inferred category
  • The mineralization is open along a 2 km long corridor and at depth beyond -300 vertical meters, and will be the focus of a major exploration and development effort to increase the quantity and quality of the current mineral resources

Toronto, Ontario – Aurvista Gold Corporation (“Aurvista” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: AVA, OTC: ARVSF) is pleased to update shareholders and stakeholders of the Company’s ongoing Generatives Program from the Douay Gold Project (“Douay”) highlighting the recent synthesis work at the prospective Douay West Zone.

Jean Lafleur, President and CEO of Aurvista stated “Aurvista has diligently been working since December 2014 under the Generatives Program on the compilation, synthesis and interpretation from the nearly 40 years of exploration work completed Douay. The extensive geophysical and geological work done by Inco, Vior, Cambior, Aurizon and more recently Aurvista has shown a number of trends that may have a significant impact on the upside potential at Douay.

As part of this work and driven by weaker gold prices, the known gold zones have been re-examined for their higher grade potential. Aurvista has retained three zones – Douay West, Northwest and Adam-Porphyry zones summarized here. Aurvista will continue its efforts in increasing and improving the quality of the current mineral resources at Douay beyond the Indicated and Inferred categories already defined, as well as uncovering new gold and/or base metal mineralization.

The new Douay West Gold Project

Why grouping three gold zones into one project?

The Douay West, Adam-Porphyry and Northwest zones (refer to the appended Figure 1) show similarity in their continuity, geology, alteration and link to the Douay Syenite Porphyry (the “Porphyry”), all part of the prospective Casa Berardi Deformation Zone. A larger Mineral Resources base, a better gold grade and proximity to each other, within 1.5 km, could have a positive impact on the economics of any potential mining project at Douay.

The individual zones

The Douay West Zone, as defined by more than 150 diamond drill holes, is oriented approximately NW-SE with a moderate to steep southerly dip. The mineralization varies from a few centimetres to more than 30 metres in true width, is at least 175 meters long in horizontal length, and is known to a minimum vertical depth close to 300 meters, remaining open at depth and along strike. The gold sits within mafic volcanics and intrusive rocks (syenite). The mineralized rock is bleached white to beige due to the albite, ankerite and sericite with a reddish tinge due to the hematite. Pyrite is the dominant sulphide ranging from 1% to 40%. Typical gold grades include: 3.0 g/t gold over 47.1 meters, including 5.6 g/t gold over 7.5 meters (DO-12-112); 4.2 g/t gold over 13.9 meters (DO-14-141); and 3.9 g/t gold over 30.5 meters, including 17.0 g/t gold over 5.0 meters (DO-14-145).

At a 3 g/t gold cut-off*, the Douay West Zone contains 828,000 tonnes @ 5.78 g/t gold (154,000 ounces of gold) in the Indicated category and an additional 181,000 tonnes @ 4.87 g/t gold (28,350 ounces of gold) in the Inferred category.

The Adam-Porphyry Zone is associated with the Porphyry wedged between the Douay West and Northwest zones (within 1.5 km of each zone). Around 85 holes were drilled to define the zone as well as the remaining Porphyry mineralization with the deepest drill intersection at -400 meters below surface. The zone is more than 100 meters true width, extends for at least 900 meters in length as it is linked to the remaining known Porphyry mineralization for 1.8 km to the southeast. It remains open to the northwest for at least another 2 km and at depth.

The Adam-Porphyry Zone contains disseminated sulphides (pyrite) and stockworks of carbonates and/or K-feldspar and/or fluorite, with ankerite, barite, anhydrite, fluorite, albite, K-feldspar, clays and/or sericite as the alteration minerals in the host Porphyry. The gold tends to be disseminated throughout, closely linked to the presence of barite-anhydrite and sulphides. The typical mineralization shows both lower grade wide haloes encapsulating higher grade gold as exemplified by DO-12-97 which intersected 1.07 g/t gold over 183.0 meters that included two higher grade lenses of 4.75 g/t gold over 3.0 meters and 9.0 g/t gold over 9.0 meters with a sub-lens of 32.5 g/t gold over 1.5 meters.

At a 3 g/t gold cut-off*, the Adam-Porphyry Zone contains 855,000 tonnes @ 5.82 g/t gold (160,050 ounces of gold) in the Indicated category and an additional 1,317,000 tonnes @ 10.55 g/t gold (446,800 ounces of gold) in the Inferred category.

Mineralization in the Northwest Zone, as defined by 33 diamond drill holes, appears to occur in a number of subparallel brecciated volcanic and sedimentary units that were intruded by felsic sills and/or dykes. The zone extends for at least 750 meters in length and 250 meters in vertical depth, and remains open in both direction. The average width of the mineralization is about 2 meters. Typical drill intersections include: 10.7 g/t gold over 5.0 meters (#4140-93-01) and 25.8 g/t gold over 1.4 meters (#4140-96-11).

At a 3 g/t gold cut-off*, the Northwest Zone contains 196,000 tonnes @ 8.68 g/t gold (54,700 ounces of gold) in the Inferred category.

Mineral Resources and future exploration

The Mineral Resources encompassing the Douay West, Adam-Porphyry and Northwest zones, now under the Douay West Gold Project, at a 3 g/t gold cut-off*, stand at 1,683,000 tonnes @ 5.80 g/t gold for 314,050 ounces in the Indicated category, and an additional 1,694,000 tonnes @ 9.73 g/t gold for 529,850 ounces in the Inferred category. The mineralization is open along strike along a 2 km long under explored segment of the Pophyry and at depth beyond -300 vertical meters.

The Company plans a multi-phased drill program (35 drill holes / 13,000 meters) for the Douay West Gold Project with the objective of increasing the quantity and quality of the current mineral resources:

  1. Phase 1– Adam-Porphyry Zone: 13 drill holes in 3 or more fences for 5,000 meters along the 2 km northwest extension of the zone between the Douay West and Northwest zones;
  2. Phase 2– Northwest Zone: 9 drill holes for 3,000 meters to test the immediate northwest and southeast extensions of the zone; and
  3. Phase 3 – Definition: 13 drill holes for 5,000 meters to increase the quantity and quality of the current mineral resources of the Douay West, Adam-Porphyry and/or Northwest zones.

Aurvista is also initiating a geochemical study in Q3-2015 which will assist in defining the primary lithologies and secondary alteration gradients induced by hydrothermal-related processes for gold and/or base metal mineralization.

Geochemistry is crucial in vectoring towards potential new mineralization along the 20 km length of the CBDZ on Douay as well as assisting in the better delimiting the mineralization in the vicinity of the new Douay West Gold Project where the Company could potentially add new mineral resources in the near term.

Aurvista will uniformly cover Douay by re-sampling drill core from 26 N-S project-wide sections at 500 meters to 750 meters intervals, analyzing this core for major and trace elements with complementary petrography, and finally alteration-mineralization vectoring. The work is expected to be completed in Q1-2016 as with the other elements of the ongoing Generatives Program, such as the airborne VTEM geophysical survey, soil geochemistry, targeting and reporting.

The technical contents in this news release have approved by Mr. Jean Lafleur, M. Sc., P. Geo., President and CEO for Aurvista Gold Corporation, a Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101.

* Mineral Resources in this news release were previously estimated and outlined in a NI 43-101 Technical Report by C. Duke, P. Eng., of Riverbend Geological Services Inc., filed under the Company's profile on SEDAR at on August 16, 2012, all in accordance with the definitions contained in the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) Standards on Mineral Resources and Reserves Definitions and Guidelines that were prepared by the CIM Standing Committee on Reserve Definitions and adopted by the CIM Council on November 27, 2010. Of note, tonnes and ounces have been rounded for simplicity as per NI 43-101 standards.

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Figure 1: Location map of the central portion of the Douay Gold Project showing the proximal Douay West, Adam-Porphyry and Northwest zones (highlighted in yellow) of the new Douay West Gold Project.